At Transparent Inspections LLC, serving Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, we strive to provide the most complete and thorough inspection possible. We inspect the roof, exterior, attic and crawlspace, plumbing, electrical, heating, garage and interior.
We provide a full written report, with pictures and video direct to your e-mail. This is usually completed on-site for your immediate use.
What we do not do is damage the property. We cannot see inside the walls, so there are places where defects may remain hidden.
Please feel free to review my Sample Report for an example of our work.

Our Standard Inspection is a 3 for 1 inspection, including structural, pest and thermal.  See more details here.

In addition to the standard Inspection for home buyers, we offer other services as well. These include:

Sewer Inspections:

Using a sewer camera, we can scope and diagnose issues of the sewer line from your home to the sewer main.  Video and written report is provided. There is a discount if this is performed at the same time as a home inspection.

Single Element Inspection/ Problem Diagnostics:

Perhaps you are concerned with only one or several portions of a home that you are purchasing or are currently living in. No matter the particulars, we can perform a complete inspection of individual systems or items.    Please contact us for a quote.

Pre-Listing Inspection:

A Pre-listing Inspection is a great way to be proactive when you are thinking of or currently selling your home.  Almost every buyer will be hiring an inspector and it is better to be prepared.  With a Pre-listing Inspection you can avoid any surprises once you are in contract and repair any issues that may be sticking points in your negotiations.  Since you are planning on selling your home, this action also communicates to potential buyers that you are not trying to hide anything by providing an unbiased report. Additionally, if the buyers wish, a re-inspection can be arranged for a reduced fee. This extra option can help to ensure that any previous issues have been addressed properly.  It is the buyers choice if they wish to use this service at their expense.

One or two year walk-through Inspection:

New construction homes typically have a one or two year warranty.  An inspection prior to this time frame expiring is a great tool to note any problems that you may have not noticed before or that have arisen since you have purchased the home. The report will provide proof and documentation for approaching the builder or warranty company in order to ask for repairs. Make sure to schedule your home inspection before your warranty expires.